Special Publications & Listing Guides

Real Estate books, Shoppers, Coupon books and other special publications are no problem for our mix of cold web and heatset printing capabilities. Both cold web and heatset books (half tabs) are available with online glue and trim bindings.

Heatset glued and trimmed books are available with up to 64 pages of full process color. Cold web glued and trimmed books are available with up to 32 pages of full process on all pages color and up to 64 pages with a maximum of 16 pages in full process color.

Stitched and trimmed books are available with up to 128 pages, with full process color available on all pages. Optional glossy covers and inserts are available in 4, 8, or 12 page configurations with full process color on all pages. Other page counts and color configurations are also available - call us to discuss your specific needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Digital Layout & Page Assembly as Required
  • FTP Sites for Your File Uploads, Proofing and Pre-Press Production
  • CTP / Computer-to-Plate Digital Processing and High-Quality Printing
  • Quarter Folding, Collating, and Complete Finishing Services
  • Mail Preparation, Labeling, Tabbing, Sorting & Distribution Preparation Services
  • Shipping & Delivery With Our Fleet of In-House Trucks or Common Carriers

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